12 Layer PCB with Xilinx Artix®-7 35T and Semtech GS2961A

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50, 75 ohms & 100 ohm diff pairs used.

DDR3 signal lengths are routed within 5PS.

Xilinx XC7A35T-L1CSG324I

16 MB of QSPI Flash
10/100 Ethernet Interface
4 Digilent compatible Pmod™ interfaces enabling 32 user I/O pins

Embedded controllers, General-purpose prototyping, Networking and communications
I/O expansion, Sensor fusion, Arduino expansion

Semtech GS2961A

3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI Receiver with SMPTE Video Processing and Integrated Adaptive Cable Equalizer

Integrated adaptive cable equalizer
Integrated Reclocker with low phase noise, integrated VCO
Typical equalized length of Belden 1694A cable:
150m at 2.97Gbps
230m at 1.485Gbps
440m at 270Mbps
Operation at 2.97Gbps, 2.97/1.001Gbps, 1.485Gbps, 1.485/1.001Gbps and 270Mbps
Supports SMPTE 425M (Level A and Level B), SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M-C and DVB-ASI

Monitors, Camera control units, Multiviewers, Production switchers
Master control switchers, VTRs, Video servers, Encoders/decoders
Up/down/cross converters, Audio de-embedders, Format detectors
Test and measurement equipment