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What do our customers say?

After running a survey to our customers, we were happy to see how satisfied they were and why 90% of our new business is through recommendation. DL Designs takes all feedback onboard and continues to develop to suit the needs of our customers.


Using the right tools is important to complete complex layouts as accurately as possible. It is important to use software to suit our customer's needs, to show how the layout is progressing and how the completed design will appear

Engineering Capability

We have design engineers to build your product from an idea or support your engineering team. As we work as a group we can help deliver a faster turn key solution.  We can arrange production with our trusted suppliers as well.

Video Consultation

Using online business platforms is a great way to share ideas for new projects and observe progress on current designs. Exploring the design with our team often helps to maximise potential. On the flip side, video conferencing is essential for interpreting any problems that may occur.

Signal Integrity

With the advancement of technologies in the electronics industries, high speed signals and increasing complexity is more common place. The importance of a methodical design is crucial for a fully functioning PCB. DDR memory, PCI-E, Gigabit Ethernet are some of the intricacies we take into consideration with how they function and how their environment functions with them.

Layout Expertise

PCB layout is the main bedrock of DL Designs. With a combination of over 100 years of experience and over 7000 designs, DL Designs creates all types of designs to suit all industries. We have a finely tuned system of working to ensure the PCB meets expectations and allows customers to have valuable input. We liaise with manufacturing companies to facilitate the requirements of processors and complex circuitry into our design flow.