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Advanced Technology



Our design tools offer extensive support for advanced technology and high speed board design, with constraints (design rules) that allow tight control of critical sections of your layout. We also offer pre- and post-layout simulation for complete peace of mind.


stackup: meeting your electrical performance requirements starts with the stackup, and we will work with you and your preferred board fabricator to ensure that critical impedance requirements are met.


spacing: default (manufacturing minimum) spacing rules may be specified between all design elements (traces, vias, surface mount and through-hole pads, copper pours, holes); these may be overridden as required for nets, differential pairs, busses and net classes


same net spacing: length matching and tuning can result in “serpentine” routing where extra length is added to a trace; in these cases, signal integrity concerns may require that the looping patterns within the same net are subject to a specific minimum spacing – typically this is 2x to 4x the vertical distance from the layer to an adjacent reference (ground or power) plane


physical: physical characteristics can be specified for individual nets, differential pairs, busses and net classes – including nominal width, neck width and maximum length, spacing (for differential pairs) and allowed via types.


differential pairs: pairs of nets can be treated as a differential pair, with a specified nominal width and spacing, and control of phase tolerance (maximum delta between the lengths of the pair) and the maximum length of uncoupled sections (typically at the source or destination)


busses: groups of nets can be named and visualised as a bus during design planning


net classes: nets can be grouped in “classes” and these can be used in turn to apply special spacing criteria between classes that take precedence – for example between differing clock domains


absolute propagation delay: trace lengths can be constrained to stay within a specified minimum and maximum limits.

relative propagation delay: trace lengths can be constrained with respect to a target trace – for example data with respect to DQS in the case of DDR memory busses;



scheduling: the connection sequence of critical nets can be specified explicity – for example the address/command/control signals of a DDR3 memory interface can be forced to flow from the controller to the near end and then the far end of the memory devices.


stubs: typically used in combination with scheduling, stub lengths can be constrained as required to meet signal integrity requirements

constraint regions: specific areas can be specified within which different physical and spacing constraints may be applied, for example in the escape region of a BGA






Grid Defence
Perkin Elmer
Transition Networks
BAE Systems
Tom Tom
North Atlantic Industries
Vocality International
BBC Broadcasting
Ultra Electronics
Oxford Instruments
Aerospace Logistics Ltd.
PPR Optoelectronics
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“I have worked with DL Designs since 1990, and have relied on them to deliver dozens and dozens of complex multilayer and high speed designs – always against very tight deadlines; I am talking about projects that mix 10G Ethernet, PCI Express Gen3, DDR3 and precision data converters.
The experience and can-do that this team brings to bear on my projects is unbeatable, I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Technical Director, Ultra Electronics

“We use DL Designs as they are offer a highly experienced and responsive service which suits our needs.
DL Designs knowledge and technical ability are one of the key reasons we use their services. They consistently help us and complement our internal skill set to give us the ability to offer our customers a complete from design to manufacture service.
We need a fast and quick response for many of our products, DL Designs help us meet these deadlines.
DL Designs highly skilled team offer a great service for our complex boards at the right price.
We have recommended DL Designs already to a few companies we have worked with and would do again.”
Senior Design Engineer, PRP

“We have used DL Designs services for the last three years and DL Designs is a perfect partner for our company.
DL Designs provides us with an excellent layout service and helped our business to bring our products quick on the market.
One thing I liked was their flexibility in terms of a short time scales from our site for starting a PCB layout.
What we appreciated most about working with DL Designs was their ability to keep the budget and the time scale.
We would recommend DL Designs for their professionalism.”
R&D Team Leader, Siemens

“I was under extreme time pressure to materialise my schematic designs when my colleagues recommended DL Designs to me two years ago. I have been using DL Designs since and have always been impressed by the quality and consistency in the work they deliver.
DL Designs knows the art of PCB drawing. From the creation of footprints, component placement, impedance matching, layer stack up and design for manufacturing.
They have taken care of it all so that I don’t have to.
DL Designs have always helped us deliver on time and on budget. How they managed to pull that off despite multiple last minute requests from us is still a mystery to me.
I would highly recommend DL Designs to anyone searching for professional PCB expertise and hope my competitors will never hear about them!”
Senior Engineer, Siemens

“As an electronics designer I have used DL Designs over many years on numerous projects and have always found them to be an excellent partner.
DL Designs have provided me with a high level of technical expertise and experience that directly contributes to the success of designs.
When presented with difficult time scales they always put in the extra effort to deliver on time.
I would highly recommend DL Designs as a cost effective PCB design service that can be relied upon.”
Senior Electronics Engineer, Perkin Elmer

We estimate that DL-Design has improved our efficiency in PCB design layout over the original in-house developments by approximately 50%. As a result we have achieved the development targets with reduced costs and a reduction in potential layout issues.

Their support team are client friendly , always professional. They are a great asset to our business.
Chief Engineer, Transition Networks EMEA Ltd.

We use DL Designs for all our PCB Layout needs, ranging from simple, single sided, single layer boards to complex, high density, 10-layer boards with high speed, length matched differential pairs and they have never failed to impress.
DL Designs are highly skilled, flexible, easy to get on with and have a very structured and efficient way of working and communicating with their customers. I cannot think of a single board that has had an issue due to their wrong doing which is remarkable.
Placements and layouts are always neat and completed in a timely manner. We are a long term customer with our relationship extending back for over 8 years. Highly recommended, we wouldn’t use anybody else.
Electronics Design Engineer, GRID Defence Systems

Product Development

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Our core skills of PCB Design are complimented by Electronic, Firmware and Software design with experience and expertise in designing and delivering complete products and solutions. Together with our proven partners we offer you a full Product Development service from concept to production:-

Product Design
Feasibility & Concepts
Industrial Design
Electronics & PCB Design
Firmware & Software Design
Design for Test & Manufacture
Manufacturing; UK & Offshore
Production Test Solutions
Approvals & Compliance

Digital, Analogue, Mixed Signal
Low Power Design
Microprocessor Solutions
PSU, Battery Management
Wireless; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM
Signal Processing
Design for EMC Compliance

Mobile Products
Internet of Things; M2M
Life Sciences
Telematics, GPS, Tracking
Wireless Power Transfer
Sensors & Monitoring
Test Systems
Comms; Wired, Wireless

Real Time Embedded
C, Assembler
Small Footprint RTOS
ARM, Ti, Renesas, PIC
IDE; ARM, IAR, Keil, GCC, ImageCraft
OS; Windows, Linux
C#, MS Visual Studio
Production Test

The PCB Experts


Commitment to your deadlines
DL-Designs has built a strong reputation for customer flexibility and total compliance to their requirements, we are able to adapt our approach when additional support is required for completing complex projects. Our expert team use the latest software which enables faster turnaround times, reducing time-to-market, and helping to maintain your competitive edge.
Deadlines can be achieved no matter how aggressive.

Our quality control process ensures that design requirements are documented before any work is started. All completed designs undergo a thorough internal review and audit to ensure all design requirements and best practices are met.
Our commitment to customers is to ensure the design is right first time. This ensures all your projects are completed on time with less PCB modifications and greater production yields.

Highly skilled design team
Our team are experts in complex PCB designs. We focus on hand routing for efficient, cost effective circuit boards. The team has considerable experience and knowledge which puts DL Designs at the forefront of PCB design. Our familiarity and experience with the latest design techniques provides an extensive knowledge base from which you will benefit.

Complete solution
We can provide a complete service from initial concept through design to manufacture and test, providing a “one-stop shop”. This allows clients who want to maximise the benefits of out-sourcing.

Design Team on site
Design resource can be dedicated to clients premises if required for closer liaison with Design engineers.

Signal Integrity
We have completed many high speed designs, which has avoided the need for expensive signal integrity analysis costs. This is achieved by studying the product data sheets and reference layouts prior to design implementation.
SI analysis is available.

DL-Designs demands the active participation and co-operation of it’s staff at all levels to maintain measurable, accountable, quality assurance and as a minimum, the requirements of ISO 9001:2008