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Our core skills of PCB Design are complemented by Electronic, Firmware and Software design with experience and expertise in designing and delivering complete products and solutions.

Together with our proven partners, we offer you a full Product Development service from concept to production.

Product Design

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Feasibility & Concepts
Industrial Design
Electronics & PCB Design
Firmware & Software Design
Design for Test & Manufacture
Manufacturing; UK & Offshore
Production Test Solutions
Approvals & Compliance


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Mobile Products
Internet of Things; M2M
Life Sciences
Telematics, GPS, Tracking
Wireless Power Transfer
Sensors & Monitoring
Test Systems
Comms; Wired, Wireless


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Digital, Analogue
Low Power Design
Microprocessor Solutions
PSU, Battery Management
Wireless; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, ISM
Signal Processing, Instrumentation, Low Noise
Design for EMC Compliance


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Real Time Embedded
C, Assembler
Small Footprint RTOS
ARM, Ti, Renesas, PIC
IDE; ARM, IAR, Keil, GCC, ImageCraft
OS; Windows, Linux
C#, MS Visual Studio
Production Test