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With the growing need of businessmen and women to design and create innovative products and business, manufacturers in the UK are moving full steam ahead in producing PCB designs. They are constantly seeking efficient and cost-effective PCB solutions for their clients across the world. If you are a manufacturing houses that want to make an impact in the global markets and have global ambitions, then this is a must read for you. The importance of PCB design can never be ignored by any manufacturing house. There are several components that make up the PCB designs. A computer software engineer would be the one responsible for deciding the entire look and feel of the product. The whole design process is carried out with a help of such designers. Designers would first decide on the theme or concept of the product and then proceed with the development. They would first sketch the layout of the product, its various components, color combination and finally the material that would be used to manufacture the PCB. Various versions of the same product can be produced through the production process. The only constraint is the number of them that would be manufactured at a time. Most of the countries that are engaged in PCB production currently use a circuit board manufacturing machine. This would be followed by the packaging of the product. The packaging is considered as an integral part of any PCB design. The most common method of designing the PCB is through the use of computers. Design programs or CAD/CAM based software are being used by most of the manufacturing houses in UK. This would enable them to produce intricate details of the PCB. Once the design is finalised, the manufacturer would need to set up the printing equipment to reproduce it. Some of the well known PCB manufacturers in UK offer to print the finished product on request at the customer's site. The importance of designing and producing the PCBs in an automated manner cannot be ignored. In this era of outsourcing, where production is being outsourced from countries like China, this has become very important. The PCB manufacturers in UK have designed a series of sophisticated machines that can produce thousands of PCBs per hour. These machines have also been designed to feed the boards with hundred of plastic parts per minute, which have the ability to create intricate designs that are…