About us

DL Designs was established in 1988 to provide specialist design services to the electronics industry.

We have built partnerships with experts in the electronics industry to offer a complete solution.

Our customers range from small design consultancies to large multinationals.

Our work can be found in defence and aerospace, communications, industrial and medical applications.

From bespoke electronics design solutions to working with SBCs (Raspberry PI) and embedded panels.

DL Designs has the knowledge, expertise and tools to make your design concept a reality.

Our design reliability ensures our customers have an advantage over competitors.

We have earned an unbeatable reputation for tackling the most demanding projects and timescales.

Online Meeting

Online meeting services allows interaction with clients from around the world on line at any time.

We use this facility to resolve any design queries, allowing customer input for critical circuits in real time, ensuring right first time design, reducing future ECO modifications resulting in product to market times being reduced.


3D Component Heights

Wire Bonding


Blind, buried, internal, laser vias

Flex, flexi-rigid, Multilayer HDI

Impedance control, Phase Tolerancing, Propagation Delay (including Relative)

Appraisal of power planes together with good layout techniques to ensure optimum power stability & delivery

Ensuring designs conform with IPC-2221 & UL60950-1 safety standard when required.

Using sound design principles to optimise the design for EMC

Height information added to aid complex mechanical challenges

Below are some examples of technology we regularly implement in our customer’s PCB layouts:

  • Bus Interface Systems and Networking
  • PCI_Express
  • PCI
  • AGP1x
  • AGP2x
  • AGP4x
  • AGP8x
  • SCSI
  • SATA
  • USB
  • 1394
  • ISA
  • VME
  • IDE
  • XAUI
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fibre Channel
  • 0Gb/E
  • LDVS

Memory Interfaces

RF/Microwave Design
GSM, GPS, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiMax, GPRS, UMTS, Edge and LTE

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DL Designs is one of the leading PCB Design companies with clients around the world.

We would love to hear about your challenges and requirements. If you would like to work with DL Designs, please send through a copy of your T&Cs for these to be agreed in advance.

Note to recruitment agencies: whilst we do work with agencies, we do not accept unsolicited CVs.

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