About us


DL Designs was established in 1988 to provide specialist design services to the electronics industry.

Printed Circuit Design is our principal activity, which is also complemented by a growing network of partners that enables us to offer a complete product design capability.

Our customers range from small design consultancies to large multinationals, and our work can be found in defence and aerospace, communications, industrial and medical applications.

Having successfully developed the systems and infrastructure necessary to deal with today’s latest challenges and technologies.  We have earned an unbeatable reputation for tackling the most demanding projects and timescales; DL Designs has the skills, experience and tools to make your design concept a reality.

Online Meeting


Online meeting services allows interaction with clients from around the world on line at any time.

We use this facility to resolve any design queries, allowing customer input for critical circuits in real time, ensuring right first time design, reducing future ECO modifications resulting in product to market times being reduced.

We are recruiting!

If you are interested in working for DL Designs and finding out how we can enhance your career.  Send us your CV to  info@dl-designs.co.uk