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Increasingly PCB designs are becoming more complicated:

Complex IC’s with increasingly higher input/output count.
Smaller BGAs on a finer pitch – (uBGA) 0.3mm
Ever increasing edge rates, have all necessitated the introduction or new interconnecting technologies to successfully complete complex designs.

With these developing technologies and higher density layouts, the use of finer track lines and smaller interconnect via holes have become inevitable. Introducing the need of microvia technology to solve fine pitched components.

Utilising laser, internal, buried and blind vias gives you more layout options including separation of RF and digital circuits placed on either side of the PCB using the correct build.

Impedance Control
With increasing applications requiring impedance control for high frequency tracking to preserve data integrity and signal quality whilst preventing signal degradation. It is extremely important to get this right, impedance is always controlled by it’s inductive and capacitive reactance, resistance and conductance. All of which are controlled by the PCB layer stack.

DL Designs always agrees the PCB layer stack with the chosen PCB manufacturer on complex layouts prior to commencement, to safeguard the impedance requirements. Thus ensuring manufacturing ability without incurring unnecessary build costs.

Latest Technology
Via in pad, usually (but not always) a microvia in a component pad which is either copper or resin filled before planed flat and plated to give a smooth flat pad.

Back Drilling
Drilling the unused portion of a via or TH pad) barrel in order to remove the stub.

Bus Interface Systems and Networking
PCI-Express, PCI-X, PCI-33, PCI-66, PCI-X, AGP1x, AGP2x, AGP4x, AGP8x, SCSI, SATA, USB, USB2, 1394, ISA, VME, IDE, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, 10Gb/E, Serial RapidIO, Intel IXP2800 Network Processor (RDRAM, SPI4.2, PCI and QDR), 1553, ARINC

Memory Interfaces
SDRAM, DDR DIMM, GDDR, GDDR2, GDDR3, DDR3, DDR4, CompactFLASH, RAMBUS, Network DRAM, Mobile DRAM, RDRAM, QDR Operating Speed up to 1033MHz, SDR, 2.066 Gbps DDR

Specialist I/O
Xilinx RocketIO, Rocket IO GTP, MGHz I/O, Altera HSSIO MGHZ I/O, LVDS, TMDS, HDMI, SSTL2, SSTL18, SSTL15, SSTL135, HSTL2, HSTL5, HSTL15

Signal Integrity Analysis
Signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) analysis is a set of techniques that ensures your PCB design will perform electrically.

This is offered as part of our design flow.