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Commitment To Your Deadlines

DL-Designs has built a strong reputation for customer flexibility and total compliance to their requirements, we are able to adapt our approach when additional support is required for completing complex projects. Our expert team use the latest software which enables faster turnaround times, reducing time-to-market, and helping to maintain your competitive edge.
Deadlines can be achieved no matter how aggressive.

Our quality control process ensures that design requirements are documented before any work is started. All completed designs undergo a thorough internal review and audit to ensure all design requirements and best practices are met. Our commitment to customers is to ensure the design is right first time. This ensures all your projects are completed on time with less PCB modifications and greater production yields.

Highly skilled design team
Our team are experts in complex PCB designs. We focus on hand routing for efficient, cost effective circuit boards. The team has considerable experience and knowledge which puts DL Designs at the forefront of PCB design. Our familiarity and experience with the latest design techniques provides an extensive knowledge base from which you will benefit.
Signal Integrity
High speed designs is where DL Designs excels. We study the product data sheets and reference layouts prior to design implementation to create the ideal solution. We use SI analysis tool to further investigate the design.
Complete solution
We also provide a complete service from initial concept, hardware\firmware design through PCB layout to manufacture and test, providing a “one-stop shop”. This allows clients who want to maximise the benefits of out-sourcing.

Design Team on site – Design resource can be dedicated to clients premises if required for closer liaison with Design engineers.

ISO9001:2008 – DL-Designs demands the active participation and co-operation of it’s staff at all levels to maintain measurable, accountable, quality assurance and as a minimum, the requirements of ISO 9001:2015