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Interested in Electronics?

At DL Designs, we have just launched our new apprenticeship scheme. This will help develop you to be best you can be whilst learning on the job.

Most of your learning will be on the job and we will support and work with you towards obtaining your qualification at the same time.

You’ll receive a paid salary just like a normal employee and have dedicated time to study throughout the week.

PCB Design combines mechanical expertise with electronic principles.With the combination of attending college and working at DL Designs, we will continue to upskill and motivate you to give you the opportunity to design bespoke PCB layouts for all industries.

As an apprentice you will enjoy:

Learning the skills from the ground up with a dedicated mentor.

Paid salary that will increase through performance reviews.

Studying at an accredited college or university.

Working with the latest software to help you create innovative and ground breaking PCB designs.

Design bespoke PCBs for exciting industries: Space exploration, Transportation, Defence and Security, Telecoms.

With our apprenticeship, this is the start of an exciting career in the electronics industry.

We are looking for willingness, passion and motivation.

With this we will help build your skills to work with us in a fast dynamic environment.

We will help you grow the skills you already have and give you the opportunity to meet and work with our diverse stakeholder community.